25 Reasons to Clean House

image from PuyoDead on Flickr
  1. Cleaning releases endorphins.
  2. Cable went out.
  3. Mother in law’s coming to visit.
  4. Mother’s coming to visit.
  5. Baby-proofing (or puppy-proofing for that matter).
  6. Throwing a party.
  7. Just threw a party.
  8. Trying to sell your house.
  9. Moving.
  10. (In college) a big paper’s due soon.
  11. “Getting anger out” cleaning.
  12. Spring cleaning.
  13. New Year’s Resolution cleaning.
  14. Gotta try out a new cleaning product.
  15. Time to shoot “after” pics for your blog (hehe).
  16. House-guests coming to visit.
  17. Trying to convince your husband to let you buy new decor items.
  18. Realized your house has had the same “look” for 5 years.
  19. Look around and realize you can’t remember last time you vacuumed.
  20. Trying to impress boyfriend/girlfriend (gotta keep the “perfect” facade up as long as possible!).
  21. (In college) dorm inspections.
  22. OCD.
  23. Cleaning reduces allergies.
  24. Starring on an episode of an HGTV show.
  25. Family staged an intervention.
As for me, I’m heading off to start on #5 (we’re babysitting our nephew and niece this evening).
Got any more reasons? I’d love to be able to hit 50!!

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Staci blogs about travel at TheVoyageer.com.

One thought on “25 Reasons to Clean House”

  1. You are getting over being sick
    Have to make room for Christmas Decor
    Have to take down Christmas Decor
    Bought a new couch
    Bought a new vacuum

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