Want! [DIY plan]

All I’ve got for today is a teeny tiny wish list.

Like, one item.

See, I’m going to a wedding this weekends and don’t have any projects planned, so all I have for ya is online shopping.

I want this scarf (from ModCloth).

I may be able to find something similar in a vintage store, so I gotta keep my eyes peeled!

Better yet, could I recreate this with fabric paint and DIY tassels? Rumor has it they are easy to make. DO YOU DARE ME? Cause I gotta live up to a dare.

No work tomorrow! Gotta see some folks get hitched! :) :)


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Staci blogs about travel at TheVoyageer.com.

4 thoughts on “Want! [DIY plan]”

  1. I have enabled this shopping for wedding stuff haven’t I? I am a bad friend, but I do dare you, nay I triple dog dare you to attempt tassels!!!!

  2. A) I dare you
    B) I am eternally enraged that I have to work tomorrow. Tell those two groovy kids that I said CONGRATS!!! But you have to yell it like I did.

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