Who knew that a person could get rusty at packing? When I was going to school in San Diego and spending many weekends in Temecula (where my parents live) I was a pro at packing a weekend bag–I had it down to a 15-to-30 minute science, in fact. My how things have changed.

Last weekend we went on a quick overnight trip to a friend’s wedding. I haven’t really gone anywhere since last Christmas, so I was a bit rusty on the whole “packing” thing. I got all my makeup but forgot my foundation. I brought my favorite dress but forgot the top is a bit… loose… and forgot to bring a camisole to wear underneath (an embarrassing situation was avoided due to the lucky find of a straight pin.) I forgot my straightener and hairspray. Let’s just say that packing in a rush did not pull me through this time. I mean, the trip went OK and despite my complete lack of preparation, I looked passable.

We’re going on a four-day trip soon and I am starting to pack now. Things will be better this time! I’ll have enough completely put-together outfits for the amount of time we’ll be gone and I’ll remember other things like traveling snacks, a variety of shoes, all my makeup and hair essentials, etc.

What is the one thing you cannot travel without? 


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