Hotel Style at Home

Well, as you learned yesterday (via La Route Libre… my neglected travel blog), over the weekend we stayed at the Moonrise Hotel in Saint Louis. While booking it (and snagging the stay two nights, get one night free deal) I was fully aware that this would probably be the nicest hotel I would ever stay in. Unless I land a sweet job that sends me around the world for work.

Due to its contemporary and modern nature, all the furnishings were extremely up-to-date (although they could have toned down the faux bois veneer on drawers, lobby features, etc). The bed was seriously the most comfortable thing I have ever slept on. We considered strapping it to the top of the truck and heading for the hills.

The room made me think more about ways to make my home more “hotelly.” You can see my ruminations below. 

  • I have got to get my paws on a settee like the one in photo one. Is that what it’s called? Or a chaise? Either way, sitting on it to watch TV made me feel very cosmopolitan, indeed :)
  • The art above were quirky “photobooth” -esque shots of old timey people posing on a giant moon. There were two more of these in our room and more everywhere in the hotel. I thought they were cute and quirky, lending a fun and different aspect on the “moon” theme.

  • The mirror would be “easy” to DIY (I put easy in quotations because the theory is easy but in practice might be harder). Just cut a piece of MDF into a cute exaggerated frame and attach it to an existing frame–unify by painting the whole thing one color.

  • Statement pieces like this lamp made me swoon. If only stuff like this was more affordable.
Have you taken any decorating ideas from hotels? Or written down a list of what not to do–like the Moonrise’s carpet, maybe? Ick! 



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