Perfect Summer Meal

“Perfect” is a very lofty claim to make about a meal. However, I’ll defend it by saying that this meal meets all of my qualifications for the “perfect” summer meal:

  1. Takes place indoors. That is, in air conditioning.
  2. Minimum effort required by yours truly.
  3. Delicious and cheap, thereby scoring excellently on the flavor/dollar ratio.

Clockwise from the top left, we have fruit salad (apples, bananas, raspberries and peaches), American cheese (wa wa), onion rolls, pulled beef, a veggie tray, and plates with festive napkins (fourth of July, you know).

The fruit and veggies play the healthy card, aside from being cold, crisp, fresh and delicious. The veggie tray and the pulled beef play the bargain card because both were snagged for half price (“use by” date approaching). The onion rolls pull the awesome card because they are delicious and possibly my favorite bread product of the moment. And as far as ease, the pulled beef was pre-cooked and everything. I just had to heat it up in the oven. All I really did for this meal was to cut up the fruit for the delicious fruit salad. Easy peasy!

Did you do anything delicious for the holiday weekend? I love grilling out–but sometimes you gotta have a great summer meal inside with the AC on like we did.


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