I Predict a Problem.

You’re killing me, crafters. 

Clockwise from top left:

Country Living Valentine’s Day Crafts
Oh! Crafts Paper Punch Heart Garland
Design*Sponge July 4th Wrap Up
HandMakeMyDay Change of Address Cards
Modern Parents Messy Kids Easter Garland
Things Organized Neatly

Using paint chips to make crafts and decorations may seem like a genius move–they’re free, right? Well, they aren’t free to somebody: the paint company or the paint store. I understand grabbing a ton, actually USING them to pick out a paint color, then perhaps doing some kind of small-scale craft with the leftovers. But when I see stuff like this on the craft blog circuit, I picture people getting inspired, going over to Sherwin Williams or Home Depot, and plain clearing them out. I say this because I’ve seen pictures of stacks like an inch or more thick. As far as picking out a room color, I’m sorry, but that’s overkill, and  a really rude move in my book. I dread the day when we get charged for paint chips, or have a limit placed on the amount we can grab,  just because a bunch of crafters are abusing this “free” resource.


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5 thoughts on “I Predict a Problem.”

  1. It is like the extreme couponers – now ruining it for the rest of us normal people who just want to save like $10 here and there.

  2. i could get you a big fat stack of swatches for free. and i know nobody would miss them. they’re in the back of a cupboard, ducked away in a box.
    just sayin.
    i like to stick it to the man.

  3. Way to go! Samples aren’t free to the supplier, they are intended to help, not be taken advantage of!

  4. Here in Belgium you can’t just go in and get swatches. My boyfriend and I had to put a 50 euro deposit down to get a booklet of swatches. When we take it back we’ll get our 50 euros back, but it was a big surprise.

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