Pinterest Challenge!

If you follow @younghouselove, @em_henderson, or @makeahouseahome or #bowerpower (I follow the first two, and my twitter  name is up there in the graphic) you will have heard about yesterday’s launch of the PINTEREST CHALLENGE.

I love to accept a challenge. Also, any excuse to do a little blog CPR.

(My new job is going great, by the way, but haven’t had the chance to do anything blogworthy–at home or at work–yet.)

The crowds are dying to know: What am I going to tackle? Well, I don’t think we’re supposed to keep it a secret so I’m gonna hit you with my (slightly underwhelming) goal:

I’m going to do the picture frame as a white board no brainer! When I say no brainer, I don’t mean to detract from it’s awesomeness and usefulness. I mean it as in, it’s so obvious when you see it you cry, “why didn’t I think of that!” Also, no-brainer because it’s as easy as buying a frame of desirable size, putting something pretty in it, and writing on it with a dry-erase marker. Voila! Yeah, I’ll have this done in 20 minutes. Okay, an hour and twenty if you take into account the nearest Hobby Lobby is a 30 minute drive away. Baby steps. If this challenge really helps motivate me, then next time I’ll try something more involved. And then more and more involved. Get it?

Well, I’m putting my spin on this by combining it with something else I have pinned:

The famous map photo matte. I do intend to to map photo mattes someday but for now I want to use a map for the background of my dry erase boards because I absolutely love map color schemes because they’re pastel–but since most maps are pastel, they totally get away with it because it’s not girly, it’s expected!!

One of my pinterest pet peeves is how so many of the captions are “MUST DO THIS.” How much time to we spend pinning and how little time to we spend making? It’s time to make our pin-dreams reality.
Any local friends want to tag along with me to Hobby Lobby? I’m going tomorrow (Thursday) evening after dinner! Hit me up!

Lastly, I’ve dropped to page 3 in the Picket Fence top blogs. Blow to the ego. Who wants to vote for me and move me back to page 2? I’m just asking for like 5 votes. Thanks!


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