2 Projects Done!

Believe it or not, I blogged about these chairs we scored for $5… over a year ago. I painted one of them dark brown! And the project stalled out.

Until now! All of the chairs now have 2 coats of brown paint and 2 coats of polycoat. Feels good to get that nagging feeling off my back.

The curtains I wrote about last week turned out to be more difficult than anticipated. The fabric was fine  when sewing lengthwise, but then I found out that along the width, they were stretchy. This wreaks havoc on any kind of straight line. But I finished ’em and now they’re off my plate too. So they aren’t the best. At least they’re done!

Note to self: When buying curtain fabric, make sure it isn’t strechy at all! Also, don’t do plaid because lining up stripes (so when the curtains are closed they line up) is a PAIN!


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2 thoughts on “2 Projects Done!”

    1. For the record, as long as the fabric doesn’t have any stretch to it, it’s not HARD to line up stripes, per se, but when cutting and hemming, etc, it is important to keep the stripes in mind during every single step of the process.

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