Tip from a Chemist

If you buy a new vase on clearance from Target, like I did, you have to get the red clearance sticker off. Then you have to figure out how to get the sticky residue off. I had heard that mineral oil does the trick, but I do not nor have I ever owned mineral oil.
Luckily, Doug, the professional Smart Guy, mumbled something about a “universal solvent,” rummaged through the cabinet, and then got the stickers off of three–yes three! vases in the house by using a cotton ball dipped in nail polish remover.
So smart!


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3 thoughts on “Tip from a Chemist”

  1. At work, I have to deal with sticky residue on glasses daily but we can’t use nail polish remover because that’ll ruin your lenses. So we use (dun duh-nuh-nuh!) lemon extract. Works every time. And smells delightful.

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