Bright, Fresh Blue

The first room we tackled in the new house was the kitchen (and “kitchen part 2” room where the oven will go). We bit off a small chunk to gain some momentum and have one room under our belt before beginning the daunting project of tackling the living and dining rooms (including arched ceilings).  This was a smart move because painting the other two rooms (over the 3 day weekend) just about knocked us out. More on that another day, though.

First, let’s get a little glance at the kitchen and kitchen part 2. Excuse the haziness of the photos–I feel like my camera’s quality just gets worse and worse every day. I guess I did buy it in 2008. Here’s Doug, faithfully washing out his roller (I had to get on his case about it…)

Here’s the kitchen and “kitchen part 2” from by the exterior door in the dining room. Please excuse the mess from painting and rehabbing the house–it only got worse as the weekend progressed…

In the second picture, take a good look at that light-sucking beige/taupe (in the dining room) because you won’t be seeing much more of that around these parts.

The color I chose was part of Valspar’s Historic Colors line. It is called La Fonda Mirage, and it is taken from a famous hotel in Santa Fe. I thought it would really pop once the front two rooms were painted white–it was easy to see the immediate effect even with the beige paint still hangin’ around. It’s a much crisper color in real life, very cheerful and it will be a joy to cook in a bright, light kitchen!


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3 thoughts on “Bright, Fresh Blue”

  1. You’re absolutely right, beige just sucks all of the light out of a room.
    I love the blue in the kitchen. Also it’s cool that your kitchen comes with a built-in-Doug.

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