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Thinking about these bar stools for the new house… $100 for two of these knock-offs sounds SUH-WEET when evidently the French TOLIX ones (you can get at DWR, I guess) cost like $300 each. OUCH! 1/6 of the price? Thank you, knock offs.

Tomorrow is moving day. We have already moved in a fridge, a bookshelf, two chairs, and… that’s about it. Not too impressive. Oh and a couple boxes of books. The goal was to have all of our IKEA stuff put together before “official” move-in day, while we still have wide open spaces, so I’m going to lobby for that task being finished tonight. That way we’ll actually have somewhere to put our items rather than the middle of the floor. On the wardrobe, we have to put the doors on. The dresser….. is still in its 2 ultra-heavy boxes.

Well, there you have it: the small brain dump I can fit in my lunch hour between playing with the pupster (who now has his own twitter), making lunch (creamy chicken-flavored ramen with tuna and paprika… ultra cheap ultra delicious, bee tee dubs), and getting back to work on time.

Lastly, does anyone else get bummed out when YHL only posts once on Fridays? I know, I know, totally selfish. Let them have lives!


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