Moving Hiccups

If you ever plan on moving across town (our new house is only 7 blocks from our apartment) DO NOT do as I did. Don’t get lazy and lackadaisical. Yes, it is a MOVE. Not a visit or vacation. This, unfortunately means that EVERYTHING (from the useful to the less-useful, from the beautiful to the mundane) must make the 7-block trek.

Okay, let me defend myself. Our moving timeline-schedule was hazy from the start… were we going to move the weekend of the 17th or the 24th? Who was going to help? So, with all of this up in the air, I didn’t even start putting things in boxes. Plus, we had so much work to do on the new place with painting, cleaning, putting together the IKEA stuff, etc, that we were barely home at the old apartment to do much more than sleep! Also, our grocery supply dwindled and dwindled… I have eaten “out” more (fast food, pizza, not-so-fast-food) in the past two weeks than in a looooong time. We still have yet to go grocery shopping other than the occasional milk run (I cannot drink my coffee without milk. Blech).

Here’s a list of other complications that occurred due to having such a hazy schedule:

  • Not scheduling the gas hook-up on time = driving over to the old apartment to take a hot shower before bed. Inconvenient, but better than the alternative.
  • Not scheduling the internet guy = big gaps in blogging! And no TV to check for severe weather… eek! Luckily the storm that occurred on our first night in the house was not severe.
  • 2000’s refrigerator + 1930s house = have to take the doors off the refrigerator to get it into the kitchen. That was really awful, and now I have a bit of touch-up work to do on the doorway into the kitchen.
  • Forgetting to buy a shower curtain = water everywhere!!!

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One thought on “Moving Hiccups”

  1. lol I’ll keep that in mind. My husband and I might be making that trek across town to a house near you. :) We also are going to paint and get new carpet in it should the deal go through.
    Course this will be on Dec. 5th. Cold days. yuk!

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