Caution: Graphic Content

Haha, just kidding . Don’t need to shield your children’s eyes, I am just talking about using bold pattern in the home.

I noticed that most of the things in my house that make me smile are graphically very striking and bold. A few examples:

Pillows from Urban Outfitters, Wal-Mart, Target, IKEA. I had a major crush on those yellow Dwell Studio for Target pillows for AGES (since I saw them on and they FINALLY went on clearance so I snatched the last two at our local Target!!

Diamond Jute rug from World Market

Chair covers I DIY’d with fabric from JoAnn’s

Duvet cover from IKEA

Towels from the Better Homes and Gardens line (I’m still in denial that I got them at Wal-Mart)

Vine curtains from IKEA (Noticing an IKEA trend?)

More to come, naturally, as tastes change and evolve. What’s on-trend today may look tired and old soon (although I’ve had the green IKEA pillows for a long time). I am trying hard to learn to be bold and creative when layering patterns. Unfortunately I can’t go pillow-crazy because Doug says it looks girly. Soon, hopefully I can do some outdoor pillows (we have dreams of an outdoor couch/lounge) and maybe go a little more crazy out there!!


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3 thoughts on “Caution: Graphic Content”

  1. LOVE it all! Especially the curtains. Did World MKT have jute runners? I would love to come see your house one of these days.

  2. How are you liking the BHG towels? I’ve coveted that line at Wal-Mart but always wondered how the towels would look after being laundered a few time.

    1. They are very plush! They’re holding up so far but I was really disappointed in Target Home’s towels (that we got for our wedding) –after about 6 months the hems came out and appeared sort of “shredded.” We’ve washed the BHG towels twice and so far so good!

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