The Mantel

Having a fireplace mantel is a very intimidating prospect to me. It is the first thing one sees when walking through the front door, and it needs to have a “wow” factor. Unfortunately, since painting everything white in the living room and dining room (which I still think was the right thing to do) the eye is just met with a big, white, geometric monolith.

Right now I have it dressed up pretty fall-y. The large picture frame was in the hallway but I think it’s a good scale to lean up on the mantel. What do you think? the good news is that after Thanksgiving I can get creative with Christmas decorations. This buys me several months to come up with my mantel “master plan!”

Here is a blog post with a mantel roundup that I am using for inspiration…

My decision is that the mantel needs RED. Since the curtains are green and red the west side of the room really needs some major pops of color. I’m thinking about a red pom-pom garland (not joking, trust me it will look great) or finding some TALL candlesticks and spraypainting them. I’m talking like a foot or more tall, since with the arched celining I’m dealing with a LOT of white space. Also, I am pondering getting creative with bricks. What could be more fireplace-y than bricks, am I right?

Only time will tell. I feel like I’m saying that a lot lately.


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3 thoughts on “The Mantel”

  1. Maybe you could paint the mantel itself a contrasting color from the wall? A color that ties the room together but also makes it stand out from the wall behind it. Just a thought :)

    1. I definitely have that in consideration; that or a subtle wallpaper or stencil! Or, just painting the mantel itself a contrasting color!

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