On the Lookout

I had a dream that all of my silver eagle glasses (given to me by my grandparents) had been broken. Woke up distressed, but realized that aside from the one that Mosey broke a few months ago (glass cleanup + sticky lemonade cleanup is the worst) and the one I discovered last week with a giant crack in it, they are still A-OK. But I adore the design. My parents have some with an “L” on them they said I could have but transporting glassware from CA to KS is tricky business.

A couple of months ago I saw some similar ones at the local thrift shop (I think they had an “M” on them). When Mo had his fateful run-in with the bedside table I rushed over to the store to snatch them up but they’d been purchased, obviously by someone with a keen eye for style like myself.

That said, please be on the lookout for glasses like this, with a thick silver band around the top:

If you see any, pick them up for me and I will pay you back ca$h money!! They usually have a letter monogrammed on them (mine are the only I’ve seen with an eagle). I don’t care what the letter is–I think it would be fun to have a mishmash of monograms. Please help me build my collection!


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