Media Unit Comparisons

So, when we went down to IKEA in September we had plans to come home with this baby:

IKEA PS, $99
IKEA PS, $99

The price was right! The punch of color was way awesome! I did my homework and checked in-store availability on this bad boy and there were supposed to be 10 on that Saturday. By the time we got to IKEA they were out. They didn’t even have the white version, which at the moment I was tempted to get as an alternative, but now I’m glad they were out ’cause I wouldn’t be as happy with white.

Today, I came across this guy:

CB2 go-cart, $159
CB2 go-cart, $159

This is $60 more but CB2 delivers and IEKA doesn’t. Of course I’ll have to pay shipping so the price goes up again. I like this, obviously the red one had concealed storage and this decidedly doesn’t. But picturing some kraft paper covered boxes or a few rustic baskets underneath really does seem to appeal to me. One reviewer mentioned that vinyl records fit comfortably underneath, and it is shorter but longer than the other media unit, which may fit the space I’m trying to fill better.

I’m signing up for CB2 e-mails in case they have a crazy sale or free shipping promotion sometime soon!

Which do you prefer? I’m still exploring options. Got a different recommendation? I’d love to hear it! Click each image to be taken to its page for more details. 


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5 thoughts on “Media Unit Comparisons”

    1. That’s the problem. The red is the ideal but the nearest IEKAs are Dallas and Denver, making it impossible to get the IKEA PS unless another one of my cousins gets married… and I’m out of single cousins! Basically I’m trying to come up with some comparable alternative to it.

  1. i like the cb2 better because it is more versatile, you can always put a fabulous runner or something on it, coupled with the decorative storage containers. Also as your collection of LPs grow, this would be a perfect place for them to live decoratively.

  2. I love the CB2 one the most. Mostly because I really love the contrast between hard lines and sharp color and then the idea of rustic baskets or something more natural. And, you know, wheels!

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