Crafty, Baby!

I finished the ribbon chandelier that I wrote about here, and I’m pleased to say it only took me a week to work myself up to getting out the crafting supplies and only a couple of hours to put it together (including some brainstorming, trying different techniques, and running to the store for more ribbon).

I’m also happy that I got it done before the babe turned 1 month old. I really am on fire!! I delivered it to my friend this weekend and it truly was a hit. Now to get her hubs to hang it from the ceiling…

Here’s a quick pic of the finished product. It’s hanging from a light fixture in my house since I have no hooks in my ceilings or anything. They didn’t know the gender of the baby until SHE was born, so most of their stuff is green and yellow–which really isn’t a problem because both of those colors (or the combo of the 3) goes GREAT with pink. I added some dark brown because evidently babies love contrast as their vision develops. Go ahead and gaze away, Allie!!

After taking this pic, I realized that I needed to “finish” the ends of the ribbons, so I cut a quick V in each one–it looks so sweet. No after pic though. I’m really terrible at doing photos for this blog.


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3 thoughts on “Crafty, Baby!”

    1. Congrats on your blogiversary!!!
      Thanks for the awesome tip! I’ll keep it in mind and pass it along to any recipients of my crafts :)

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