To-Do List (with deadline!)

Inspired by Jessica at Little House, Big Heart (among others), I have been inspired to actually keep track of my to-do list before my parents come in December. December 9th, to be exact. This means unlike some of my blog friends who are doing the Thanksgiving Scramble, I have more time! Which is nice considering I just put this list together…

I’m so excited for my mom and dad to visit, even if they’ll only be here for a couple of days!

  • Put up the Christmas tree (did it this weekend!)
  • Do “something else” with the fireplace (paint or replace items inside)
  • Purchase a rug pad for diamond jute rug in living room
  • Purchase a rug pad for zebra rug in guest room
  • Clean off the guest bed so it’s sleep-able
  • Generally make guest room ready for guests
  • Do a little more festive Christmas decorating
  • Decide yes or no on outdoor Christmas lights (we have no outdoor plug so improvisation will be necessary)
  • Get a shower curtain (right now we just have a liner)
  • Curtain clips for the dining room (so the curtains won’t look so much like high-waters)
  • Hang higher curtain rod in guest room
  • Do a little kitchen re-organizing
  • Buy groceries (so they don’t starve while they’re here! Our fridge is usually a big cold empty box…)
  • Liven up the white wasteland that is the hallway
  • Hang pictures in guest room and master bedroom
  • Frost window on kitchen door and in bathroom (I want to try this)
  • Paint front-door dresser and move cold-weather accessories into its drawers

Okay, the list is somewhat long. Luckily some of these are just “Buy _____” which is about the easiest thing to do ever… spend money :P The rug pads are a much-procrastinated necessity, though because our little dog is in the business of running around and making the rugs all bunched up and crooked. An unforseen downside to the diamond jute rug from World Market is that its linear design makes it painfully obvious when it’s out of whack. Hopefully a plush, thick rubber rug pad will make my woes go away.

Got any big plans to take care of so your company will be thoroughly impressed?


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5 thoughts on “To-Do List (with deadline!)”

  1. Wait on the shower curtain, I thought we were going to brainstorm on that, and don’t stress out because you know I love to help out. P.S. I do want somewhere to sleep. ;P

  2. Try using caulking under the rugs. If you just put likes of caulk around the edges of your rugs and strategically through the center, there is no need for a mat!

    1. I saw this tip on pinterest!!! I’m thinking of trying it but I’m wary so I’ll try it out on my (much less expensive) front and back door rugs. Wouldn’t want to ruin my nice one with an experimental process!

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