To-Do List Revisited

With only 8 days until my parents’ arrival, and this weekend approaching, it’s time to re-visit that ole to do list. Picking out the most important items and conquering this weekend will make me a happy little clam. Wait, I don’t think they have clams in Kansas….

Well, I crossed off the “done” and made the 5 most important items bold, for some self-guidance.

  • Put up the Christmas tree (did it this weekend!)
  • Do “something else” with the fireplace (paint or replace items inside)
  • Purchase a rug pad for diamond jute rug in living room
  • Purchase a rug pad for zebra rug in guest room
  • Clean off the guest bed so it’s sleep-able
  • Generally make guest room ready for guests
  • Do a little more festive Christmas decorating
  • Decide yes or no on outdoor Christmas lights (we have no outdoor plug so improvisation will be necessary)
  • Get a shower curtain (right now we just have a liner)
  • Curtain clips for the dining room (so the curtains won’t look so much like high-waters)
  • Hang higher curtain rod in guest room
  • Do a little kitchen re-organizing
  • Buy groceries (so they don’t starve while they’re here! Our fridge is usually a big cold empty box…)
  • Liven up the white wasteland that is the hallway (halfway there!)
  • Hang pictures in guest room and master bedroom
  • Frost window on kitchen door and in bathroom (I want to try this)
  • Paint front-door dresser and move cold-weather accessories into its drawers

It looks like I’m about one-third one. Breaking the list into thirds is not a bad strategy, I guess. Some of these will probably not happen, but the guest room MUST be prepared. I’m trying to avoid the cop-out solution of “stick everything in a box and move it to the basement,” which is an option but I’d rather go through, organize, and put stuff away in appropriate places instead of hiding it downstairs where it won’t be seen for the next 5 years.

What I wish I could do is get a proper curtain bar for the guest room. Proper fixtures really can transform a room! Currently the curtain rod is a flimsy light metal that sags in the middle and does not cooperate with the fabric of the curtains. I don’t think they’ve been opened since I put them up. It’s a shame because I love the way the guest room’s color pallet is coming along–much more than the master bedroom! I may have to move down the hall!


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7 thoughts on “To-Do List Revisited”

  1. I am trying to remember to send you dish from Thanksgiving up to you when I see your parents. I am sure you will get more off you list. As you may have noticed… my fridge is usually an empty cold box also. Have fun.

  2. I thought of you on my Thanksgiving trip. My boyfriend’s sister has a non functional fireplace, too, and she has a really lovely candelabra in it. It looks amazing, and I think in your fireplace you could fit an even bigger, lovelier candelabra. I can look through my pictures and see if I inadvertently took a picture of it.

      1. I think I may just fill it with split logs like I’ve seen on pinterest because that side of the room needs a little infusion of a fresh woody color. Thanks though! Hope you had a fun thanksgiving :)

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