Rolling Out the Red Carpet

…Or, at least the zebra carpet.

The guest room is finally ready for humans to inhabit!
(As opposed to piles of junk from when we first moved in).

This also means I can cross two things off my list!

  • Clean off the guest bed so it’s sleep-able
  • Generally make guest room ready for guests

I swapped the comforter from our bedroom onto the guest bed. I really, really like it in here. The comforter that was on the guest bed, even though it’s twin sized, seems bigger on the queen–possibly due to the addition of an extra blanket. I also think since it’s heavier it moves around less and there’s less fighting for it. It really is much cozier. Plus, the extra length on the twin bed in here hides our under-bed storage! It’s a win-win.

Here is the view of the room as you turn right. I plan on putting chicken wire in that frame at some point so I can collect magazine clippings and such on it.

And the door. On top of the dresser is a mirror I hope my dad volunteers helping us put up… here’s crossing my fingers! Also, you can sneak a peek of what we’re working on in the hallway!

Just for fun, here is the room while we were moving! You can see the sad, bent, directly-on-the-window curtain rod.

End of Day 1: Guest Room/Office

Full disclosure: I am not going tomake both parents sleep on the twin. I now have a borrowed mattress on the floor but wanted to take photos while the room was still pretty!

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5 thoughts on “Rolling Out the Red Carpet”

  1. I love it all! Every time I come to your page I come back and admire it all. Looks super cute! Also, jealous of your zebra rug. Travis said I couldn’t have a very mild tone on tone cheetah rug in our living room :(((( haha

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