Dear whoever looked at a ton of my posts and gave me 40+ views yesterday:
You rock!

Okay, on to business. For Christmas, Doug and I are buying everyone either fair trade or handmade goods, and by doing so supporting a skilled individual with a face and a name rather than a big corporation! Except…. well, for ourselves… we decided to make the upgrade and get iPhones. And Apple really doesn’t have a great labor track record. To assuage my guilt I’m using the phone for positive things like connecting with people I love, using the free2work app, and using Lose It! to keep my holiday indulgence in check.

Oh, and taking lots of cute pictures of my dog.

I had a most excellent time with my parents last weekend and that will be blogged about in due course. This week I’m preparing for the IHAL Christmas party this Saturday, including making a few things to eat (it will be potluck style so not all the pressure is on me) and making some decorations. I haven’t decided on what to make. Sweet, salty, savory? Got any suggestions?


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2 thoughts on “iPhone”

  1. A. I love your idea about handmade/ fair trade. I really did want to do it that way, this year but I did not start planning in enough time to know what to do for a 6 year old so toys from the big, box store it is. (Our IHAL gifts are handmade, though, and awesome if I do say so myself.)

    B. Picture #2 makes me want to pet The Mose so much.

    C. I’m bringing sweet and salty treats, if that helps (and if everything goes as planned).

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