Double Trees

Double Trees. Not to be confused with DoubleTree hotels, which I am much too thrifty to stay at. This year I have two Christmas trees! You’ve seen the main one in our house in this adorable picture (featuring Mosey) but I want to show you more pictures and details!

Did I mention that the tree had been left here (standing up, fully assembled) in the basement when we moved in?? Talk about a bargain! At first I was really creeped out by the concept of a Christmas tree that had been abandoned in a cold clammy basement, but since we’d had the whole house fumigated before moving in, I figured it wasn’t harboring any pests. Except for the pesky silver aluminum tinsel (the individual pieces, not the garland) that we meticulously picked off by hand before adding our ornaments.

Well, here she is:

We had some teeny tiny bronze and white balls, as well as some handmade paper ornaments left over from last year’s 3-foot tall tree, so one day (in October!!) while at Hobby Lobby, we picked up a tall tube of assorted bronze ornaments and one box of six red ones for added pizzaz. We stashed them with our other Christmas decor until it was time to pull it all out (the weekend before Thanksgiving, as it happened, and we’re not ashamed).

Here’s a sweet pheasant perched near the top, purchased at Target (along with the twig-and-berry star topper) Oh, and you can see one of the bronze ornaments–they came in light, dark, glitter, and “disco” as pictured below:

So much for tree number one! On to number two:

Above is my work tree. When I opened up the box that was brought down from the storage room, I was met with a gazillion gold bows and some broken gold and white ornaments. Since the lights are colored (what a new concept for me!) I went with simply tying bows onto the branches, fairly far apart from each other and calling it a day. I actually really love it this way! It’s so simple, short and sweet.

So there are my trees! I want to see yours! Link to it in the comments!!


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