Dogs in Silly Situations

Okay, I suppose the title should be “dog” in silly situations.  My dog. My Mosey is the most patient dog in the world for putting up with what we put him through.

Love the little stinker. I love putting him in human situations such as:

Puzzle Time.
Dance Party.

Shoutout to Mosey for bearing with our antics. I call it reciprocity for the hours and hours he wants us to play fetch with the tennis ball when we’d rather be eating/sleeping/watching tv/blogging/playing Madden.


Have you noticed a major slow-down in the blogging world this week? I guess bloggers get all hyped up for Christmas (especially the kind of blogs who like to advise you on how to decorate or what to buy for your loved ones) and then take it easy the week between Christmas and New Years. I have been taking it easy ever since getting my new job. Wish I had the opportunity to post more, but time doesn’t necessarily permit it. We’ll see how 2012 looks.

In other news, my pallet room divider got reblogged (again) and in English this time! I got credited and everything. Thanks for the uptick in views, guys!


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