Rabbit Hole

Isn’t it fantastic how easy it is to stumble upon a blog you never even knew about–simply by following links from blog to blog? It really is like a rabbit hole of great pictures and wonderful content.

Well, earlier this week Blair posted about the February Comment Love Challenge over at Desirous of Everything. I am so excited to participate! The jist of it is to comment on posts instead of just reading/skimming and moving on. SO SIMPLE! Those who comment at least 42 times by Valentine’s Day are entered for a prize. Comments jut make my day and I know that this is true for all bloggers. Knowing that people have read what you’ve worked so hard on gives a little rush and builds momentum to head forward on more posts and projects. Additionally, insightful and meaningful comments are a major traffic-driver for your own site. It truly is a win-win.

One frustration, though: and perhaps this has happened to you and can tell me why this occurs. When I try to comment on a bigger blog, like Design*Sponge for example, my comment is eaten and never sees the light of day. I can only assume they are getting sent to the spam filter. Whaaaaa?! I try to at least write real, complete sentences, not something banal like “Cute!” …yet the short comments often make it up while mine end up in a black hole somewhere.

Comment Love Challenge

Anyway, I’m SO happy to say that I have commented on various blogs 6 times in the last two days and I hope that my words have brought a smile to another blogger’s face. Hopefully I can comment repeatedly on several blogs and develop some blog buddies ;)

PS: Due to some great responses yesterday, I’m giving Bloglovin a shot. Although this morning I instinctively went to Google Reader. Whoops! I’m “claiming” this blog too, so please Follow my blog with Bloglovin!

PPS: Evidence of comments as traffic-drivers: one time I posted a link to my coffeetable refurbishment post in a comment on Young House Love and I got 365 views in one day! WHAT THE WHAT! Unfortunately, none of them left a comment. Wop wop. However, that was this blog’s busiest day ever! Yay!


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Staci blogs about travel at TheVoyageer.com and about interiors, life, and thoughts at MyFriendStaci.com.

7 thoughts on “Rabbit Hole”

  1. I got 93 views yesterday on my blog, I nearly FELL OUT OF BED. It was so amazing to see.

    I check my spam filter daily, cos even the thought out comments end up in there too. So annoying! -glares at WP-

    Following you via BlogLovin’ (and also the first, it seems. ;))

    1. Thanks for the follow! I think someone is following my old address (myfriendstaci.wordpress.com) on bloglovin but I recently upgraded to my my own “dot com.” Isn’t it GREAT to get views!! I was one of the 93!! ;)

    1. I recently upgraded to myfriendstaci.com but myfriendstaci.wordpress.com still functions too… guess i should “claim” both of them lol

  2. I haven’t given bloglovin’ a try. I actually don’t know what it is! I’m assuming it’s a network of fellow bloggers where we comment/share one one another’s posts? I’m also a fellow love comment challenger, and I absolutely love discovering new blogs! I get inspired looking at other people’s designs/layouts and it makes me want to give my site a facelift!
    Looking forward to reading your stories, and hope Kansas is treating you well!

  3. Just followed on Bloglovin’ so happy to hear that you’re finding new blogs and getting more comments! So great to hear about Remy’s page views too! :)

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