Pinching Pennies

Just a quick update today. I am trying to make a very conscious effort not to spend money as we begin to count down to our Eurotrip (that is, if I can ever get my passport taken care of, which is a whole different issue I don’t want to get into.)

Money-saving measures:

  • Meal planning: know what my options are so I don’t order pizza in a moment of “I have no idea what to make tonight!” weakness.
  • Use coupons. I am not an Extreme Couponer by any means but if the item in question is one I already buy regularly, and I have a coupon, well there ya go. I WILL NOT buy an item I don’t usually use just because I have a coupon.
  • Clicking “delete” on all West Elm, Crate & Barrel, Joss and Main, etc e-mails I get (daily!) BEFORE I OPEN THEM so there is NO temptation to pick up a little something “because it’s on sale.”
  • Valentine’s day downsize: we will have dinner at home like any other day instead of going to the restaurant we’ve gone to for the past two years.
  • Stay in town on the weekend! Yes, we went to Lawrence two weekends ago but I’m going to make a big effort not to run to the next town over just to “get away.” I’ll have to find another coping mechanism for when I get cabin fever. (Suggestions welcomed!)

How do YOU cut corners and pinch pennies?


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4 thoughts on “Pinching Pennies”

  1. I’m still learning this from the married perspective, but making pizza from scratch has been a huge treat, and the crock pot meal that did not end in black sludge was really good and lasted a good few meals for each of us. I can send those recipes along. Both are fairly simple and cheap. I’m also doing the coupon thing as much as possible.

    I’ve also just got back into using Swagbucks again, so I can earn amazon gift cards (and use them on things I was planning to get anyhow– it limited my splurging in the past). Interestingly, they have coupons which then also credit my account. I’ve just started using them, but I’ll update you if it seems to be going well. If you haven’t tried it, and you want to sign up, you should totally use my referral link (shameless self promotion, yay!)

  2. The library! I go to the library and stock up on new books and documentaries and go home with all new stuff that I know I’ll tire of in a matter of a week or two, anyway.
    This habit actually started when I was flat. dead. broke. and living in Brookings, SD. The library there had tons of television shows and legitimate blockbuster type movies for you to rent for free.
    The McPherson library is a little different but there are still all sorts of things to take home with you.

  3. For a pizza idea, they have pizza dough at Walmart that’s only 1.47 per dough. Its in the isle with the ice cream. :) Just get a few toppings and viola cheap pizza and it only takes a couple min to make up, and then 12 to 14 to cook. I never have gone back to frozen or pizza hut. These pizza’s are to die for good! :)

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