Perfect Weekend

I had a very stressful Friday at work but ended up having the most delightful weekend.

Was still walking on air from over 500 blog views (on Wednesday and Thursday combined).

Discovered the best pizza within 30 miles.

Jumped on the Downton Abbey train about a hundred years late.

Ate delicious carne asada tacos at Antojitos Mexicanos El Barbas with some great friends.

Bought 2 bags of California oranges at Smith’s Market (buy one get one free!).


Had friends over and learned to play Settlers of Catan and Rook. I am now well-equipped for future game nights.

Sunday morning was busy busy busy but Sunday afternoon I took a several-hour nap with my pup.

Thanks, Instagram for letting me relive my wonderful two days off during a case of the Monday afternoon “blahs.”


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