Truly, I couldn’t come up with something funny and/or non-creepy to title this post about the bedroom.

For many, many months after we moved in, this continued to be my least favorite room in the house. The paint color and the grey comforter we had in the old place clashed, clashed, clashed. Fighting shades of gray are almost as bad as fighting shades of black. So, one temporary comforter and one new West Elm comforter later, things started shaping up. We removed the headboard and made the room feel way bigger. I finally love this room :)

First, a shot right after we moved in. It will make you understand why the room made me so depressed:

Second, in case you were wondering: we did not paint! Natural light works wonders. Unfortunately the room gets natural light pretty much only while we’re at work. Anyway, getting rid of the headboard and hanging cream curtains helped, but the temporary comforter was NOT what the doctor ordered:


Now, I feel like gray, cream, and white can coexist in a small space, with the blue pattern on the comforter playing referee between the three neutrals. The yellow helps lighten the mood! Across from the foot of the bed is our IKEA dresser. Believe it or not, the dresser was easier to assemble than the wardrobe we bought the same day! Here’s a shot:

Here’s the view of the wardrobe (hanging those doors and making sure they were even was the WORST!). The doorway at the left edge of this photo leads to the hall :) I’d like to get more globes to fill up the top of the wardrobe like you see on home interior blogs sometimes. Haven’t come across any while thrifting lately, though!

And a little source list, since I ended up the guest room tour that way… I like to try to prove that a house can look stylish on the cheap. This room, by FAR, we have put the most money into. The mattress, bedside tables, wardrobe and dresser were all bought new. A mattress is not really something you want to buy used, and it is impossible to find dressers at the limited options of thrift stores we have here. These items are, however, more or less the ONLY furniture items purchased new in our house so far!

  • Bed, rather, mattress and box spring on the floor, from Ashley Furniture
  • Comforter, West Elm organic ironwork duvet cover, snagged on SALE for $65. (Can also be seen on the not-very-funny new show Are You There Chelsea?)
  • Wardrobe, IKEA ENGAN $179
  • Dresser, IKEA TRONDHEIM. I guess it doesn’t come in 6-drawer anymore? I think it was somewhere around $175.
  • Bedside tables, Target (Wedding gift cards! Woo! Don’t remember how much they were.)
  • Yellow pillows, Dwell Studio for Target. I waited years for these to finally go on clearance! $17 ea.
  • Curtains, Target $24 per pair (3 pairs, ordered online to get the extra length)
  • Chair with green cushion, found for F-R-E-E at the re-use shed at the dump, reupholstered with materials from JoAnn.
  • Tennis Racquets, thrifted, $3 for 3.
  • Red lamp & burlap shade, both from target, somewhere around $30 together?
I am not putting the dollar signs in to show off how much we’ve spent/invested (depending on your POV). What I’m trying to show is that, minus the mattress (which rang in somewhere around $600 I think?) the room was well below $1000, which seems to be the approximate amount TV shows budget to redo a room “on the cheap.” Personally, I feel like the room looks great, and I’m not sure putting more money into it would even improve on it. What do you think?

There you have it! Questions? Comments? Favorite part? Mine is (obviously) the duvet cover :)


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7 thoughts on “Bedroom.”

  1. I have always, always adored those Shins posters. I love how this is a great example of how when you keep your base items neutral, it takes more temporary things to really bring in the life. So if one day down the line, you get really tired of those yellow pillows (you can give them to me and) throw in some red ones. Love it love it.

    1. Thanks, Sarah!
      There is a service I heard about that delivers IKEA items from Chicago to Kansas City, sounds awesome! Still doesn’t help us all the way down here though! We bought the dresser and wardrobe in Dallas when we went down for my cousin’s wedding.

  2. I like that you even swapped out the lamp, from the black one to the red/cream combo. The brighter shade, and the bright yellow pillows help distract from the gray. I’m a real sucker for accent rugs (and I love the ones you have in the rest of the house!), so I’d love to see one in there that could also bring some more light/color into the room. It would also help to stabilize a bed frame, if you chose to go that route down the line (it may even help if you’re experiencing any slipping on the wood with the box spring on the mattress).

    I also realized that unless there’s a very small closet door hiding on the right side of the dresser, the only “closet” you have is the Ikea wardrobe. If that’s the case, wow! I’m really impressed that you two have managed with just that much closet/dresser. (Though, for all I know you have a massive closet elsewhere…)

    The classic poloraid pictures frame is really a neat idea. =D Also really like how the bedspread very nearly matches the Shins posters’ colors. Great job!!

    1. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the lamp. I had those dinky little black ones on our wedding registry (even though I didn’t love them) and of course we got them. Haha. The day I switched them out was a happy day for me. Now to try to sell the pair on craigslist….
      I’d love to have an accent rug in here but nice rugs are sooooo expensive!
      Yes, there is a closet to the right of the dresser. Volume-wise, it is only slightly larger than the wardrobe. Yikes! All of my stuff is in the closet and all of Doug’s stuff is in the wardrobe. Can’t wait until someday when we have more closet space!!

    1. Thanks so much! It really isn’t bad during the middle of the day but at night it feels like a cave!

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