It’s so easy to get trapped in a tunnel of unhappiness… one bad thing makes you think of everything else that’s going wrong, and suddenly your life has no meaning or purpose or hope. Yes, I’m the champion of this, and lately it’s been easier and easier to go down this tunnel.

Today, instead of getting bummed out by any number of things I could dwell on, I am choosing to be thankful instead. Here’s my gripe list turned thankful list, in parallel order. Is there a fancy term for that?

Gripe list:

  • Doug’s truck was doing something strange this morning so he took my car & I biked to work.
  • My job is stressful and for the past three weeks has been running me ragged.
  • I have too many projects started and have stalled out on all of them.
  • The feeling of stagnation I have regarding my blog and my career dreams…
  • A good friend is moving far, far away and I’ll miss him too much…

Thankful list:

  • I’m thankful my work is only about 1 mile from home and that I have a new bike that is a better size for my body (the old red one was too tall).
  • I’m thankful to have a well-paying, 8-5 job, and for the experience that will help me know what to look for/avoid when the time comes to move on to something else.
  • Payday is this week and I can get a jump on some of those projects (swapping out some “cold gold” paint for a more “goldy” gold, for example).
  • Again, in reference to payday–ordering a custom stamp online so I can make some blog/interior design business cards is a goal for this weekend!
  • I am thankful he is getting the opportunity to spread his wings and experience another state, and be close to his love.

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One thought on “Thankfulness”

  1. I like this. I have to actively turn my gripes into perspective sometimes–in those rare moments when I’m thinking rationally. It’s good to put perspective into writing.
    Also, I have a crush on your green bike and its basket.

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