“Be your own boss.”

A tempting offer that has lured many into work-at-home scams. This is not what I’m talking about, though. I’m talking about doing my own thing–doing something I am passionate about–and getting compensated for it. Enough for the endeavor to be sustainable, and preferably with a little cash to take home as well.

I already mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I’d like to make blogging a full-time gig. Now, I don’t expect to get rich and travel wth world blogging… I know that it’s hard and you have to have a stroke of luck. Even if I start heading in that direction (getting compensated for blogging) I know I’ll probably continue to depend a LOT on my husband’s income. That said, I could use blogging to promote myself and any ventures I decide to undertake. Branching out. Diversifying. Many of the bloggers I admire most do freelance writing, design, or some other creative enterprise that they can devote themselves to, work hard, and ENJOY!

On a side note, most of the more well-known bloggers I read say, “It started as a hobby; I never thought I’d be a professional blogger,” etc, etc. This is kind of frustrating. In this world, we’re told to pick a goal and pursue it. This is my goal but there are tons of others reaching for the same thing and, honestly, crowding each other out. This is a big hurdle that I’m going to have to give lots of thought. I don’t have the solution, anyways. So, there you go, an incomplete thought thrown into the middle of the post. It’s just worth being realistic, I think.

Anyway, back on topic.. Here is my dreamt-up list of “someday maybe” jobs… And I’m not talking that I’ll do all of them. Maybe one of them. Maybe a combination of two. Maybe blogging half time and collaborating with the right person who happens to cross my path. Maybe something completely different.

  • Provide design consultations for home and public areas
  • Refurbish old furniture and have a small retail store
  • Freelance short travel & lifestyle article
  • Own a small boutique B&B
  • Own/run a hostel

What are your dreams? Are you taking any steps to achieve them? 


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Staci blogs about travel at TheVoyageer.com.

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