Giveaway: Scentsy!

Hey friends! I am extremely excited to announce that today I’ll be offering my very first giveaway here on My Friend Staci! A friend of mine, Libby, has been selling Scentsy for a while now and we’ve worked together to compile a sampler of my favorite scents and two brand-new products.

Thinking about my obsession with houses, I have realized that scent can play an important role in setting the tone of your home. Do you want your place to smell fresh, or moody, or attempt to capture a beach or forest scent that’ll transport you somewhere else? I have used Scentsy for years and love that the scents are really diverse–anyone from kids, to teenage girls, to my own husband can find one that they love. (I got him to admit that if he were still a bachelor he’d still buy one!) Even realtors use the not-so-secret technique of using scent to create an inviting environment.

Isn’t it adorable? Love the soft colors and sweet design.

The great thing about Scentsy for paranoid folks like myself is that it’s a very safe system that uses an attractive ceramic warmer with a lightbulb to melt the wax without having an open flame (check out the very old photo above). I turn mine on about an hour before expecting guests (or whenever I feel like it) and the room is filled quickly with aroma. A warmer is not included in the giveaway, but you can contact Libby or another Scentsy consultant to get one, or… here’s a secret for the cheapos… you can use a mason jar on a normal candle warmer. Don’t tell Libby I told you.

Here’s the best part!

The prize box includes (clockwise from top center):

  • 1 travel tin, Enchanted Mist.
  • 1 scent circle, My Dear Watson (great for hanging from the rear-view mirror, if that’s legal in your state).
  • 2 fragrance bars: Midnight Fig and Autumn Stroll.
  • 1 “Layers” hand cream, Enchanted Mist (this is a new item!)
  • 2 “Layers” dryer discs, Quiver (this is a new item!)

Let me just say that Midnight Fig is a scent that I’ve had in my warmer since the day Libby introduced me to it. Scentsy describes it as, “Earthy, ripened figs and golden berries tempered by musky woods.” My opinion is that it has a subtle, slightly sweet but moody aroma without getting to musky and choky. Seriously, I want my house and my body to smell like this at all times.

Additionally, I got a set of the Quiver dryer discs and they are awesome! I love the scent (which features vanilla, sandalwood, tuberose) and it’s a great alternative to dryer sheets since you can use the same disc for 30+ loads.

Honestly, the Midnight Fig bar and Quiver discs would make the prize worthwhile, but I’m so excited about all the other goodies included. I can’t wait to send it to one lucky winner!

Rules: You may enter twice!

  • Once by commenting below: please include a scent that evokes a memory (and include your e-mail address)
  • Once by tweeting the following: “I entered @MyFriendStaci’s first ever giveaway!!” Please leave a separate comment stating that you tweeted, this will keep me from missing anybody.

The contest will run until July 16, one week from today. I will use to choose the winning comment, then I’ll contact the winner by e-mail!

Disclaimer: Libby is an Independent Scentsy Consultant–she is offering up the prize; and the Scentsy company itself has not sponsored this giveaway. Also, Libby didn’t give me any free swag for offering this giveaway; I just wanted to show you readers how much I appreciate your support. If you want to support her you can visit her online shop or email her to place an order if you don’t want to go through the website. 

Update July 17 2012: the giveaway is now closed. I would like to thank all who entered! 


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17 thoughts on “Giveaway: Scentsy!”

  1. I tweeted before I entered the giveaway, then decided, gee I’ll just enter the giveaway. I didn’t tweet the line you wanted tweeted. SO I’ll just tweet again later, as not to do one back to back. :)

  2. I have always had a very sensitive nose, so every childhood memory I have has a scent attached to it! That being said, this is a very difficult question to answer. I think one of my favorite scents of all time is the smell of books. When I was in elementary school, my most favorite thing was sitting on the floor in the library listening to the reading of a picture book. To this day, I love going into used bookstores and being greeted by the scent of old books.

  3. Every time I smells nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla I think of my moms baking. She tried to teach me but every time its different. I love her cornmeal pudding. No one makes it like she does.

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