No new post today, but I made a few little changes. Do you like the header with blue text or should I stick to black? Got a couple buttons on the side for easy navigation as well.

I really wanted to move toward a two-column theme, so I could feature some blogging and etsy friends of mine. I’m not talking ads, I’m talking swapping buttons with people I like to increase exposure and build a bit of community. Keep your eyes open for something like that fairly soon. I have been doing a lot of hard thinking about this blog lately, and although I loved the minimal theme that kept my posts front and center, I think this way I can have the best of both worlds.


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11 thoughts on “Changes”

    1. Love the idea! Now I just have to think of a topic to pitch for a guest post… all the good ones seem to be taken, I will just have to be more creative!

    1. Haha, I totally didn’t mean to spam twitter with those Morocco posts, I was simply trying to re-categorize them and I guess the “publicize” tool went nuts! Glad you enjoyed them!

      1. My posts always resend themselves to google reader if I edit them – it’s the old ones I imported from posterous – I think wordpress thinks they’re publishing them for the first time. It’s pretty annoying but oh well!

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