Coffee Table Candidates

I like my coffee table, I really do, but right now with two couches its long and lean nature is nothing but a shin hazard. It is more appropriate for a low solo couch.

I’ve been thinking that given adequate space, I’d like to put the coffee table at the base of the bed instead. Now, this isn’t possible right now but we’ll see how things shape up in the new place.

With two couches in an “L” (as seen above), what the space really needs is a round table. Here are my favorites!

Smart Round Marble Top Coffee Table from CB2: I love the look of this: the marble and chrome would be a great complement to the rest of my furnishings (I have lots of wood items).  I’d be worried that one foot high isn’t tall enough. However, our vintage couch is very low. I guess I would want to see this in person before spending 329 bones.

Foxed Mirror Coffee Table: Even more expensive (eek!) this one is 17 inches off the ground and three feet wide (on its long side. It’s oval, unlike the others). I feel like that’s a great size and I like the dark metal base. $399.

Origami Coffee Table: Drool. This is what dreams are made of. Only 27 inches in diameter which is fine by me. The tallest of the three, 18 inches high. I love the base! It’s so unexpected and sets it apart, and it has a bone-tile top which is closer to the marble look I had originally been drawn to. Also $399.

And here’s the dark horse candidate:

Hex Side Table: Marble top, check. Dark base, check. 18 inches tall, check. $149 each, which looks good at first but I would want to link 3 together like they did in one of the website photos. Which puts the price up to $447, making it easily the most expensive option.

Considering the most expensive furniture items we have (aside from our mattress) are the IKEA dresser and wardrobe, which came in at under $200 each, I suppose you could say that for now, I am just dreaming.


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