Crazy Days

Sorry my posts have been so sparse here lately. I know, I know, one really doesn’t need to apologize for not blogging–I’m not doing it for money, so any and all deadlines are set by me, but I really had/have resolved to put a priority on My Friend Staci in 2012. I’ve been doing a good job of it so far, and I’d like to keep the ball rolling.

However, this week is my last week of work so Monday and Tuesday were spent juggling my normal job responsibilities with cleaning out and organizing my files so everything will be good to go for my replacement. I started training my replacement, Beth, yesterday, and we’ll continue through today and tomorrow. Monday she’s on her own (but I’ll just be working on moving-related tasks at home so I can pop over if she gets in over her head). She’s doing a great job so far and knowing that takes a big load of stress off.

Other things I’ve been doing is beginning to pack, selling some of our larger items online, and balancing social engagements… funny how when people find out you’re leaving, they want to spend time with you ;) Oh yeah, and the past two days, battling an inconvenient summer cold.

The GREAT news is that a little over a week ago, my in-laws accepted an offer on the Little Hacienda on the Prairie! Thanks in LARGE part to my interior photos… I talked the real estate agent into using the photos I snapped a number of months ago for my Home Tour on the on-line listing, and they really did their job. The buyer fell in love with the house even before setting foot inside. My in-laws are pleased.

I’d like to do a little interior photography on the side once we move. So many photos I see on Craig’s List are just abysmal. I think for a small fee some people would be willing to let me take a few snaps… especially if it speeds up the leasing process for them and potential renters. Something I think I’ll work on next week (between cancelling electricity service, packing, and apartment hunting) will probably be coming up with some kind of online portfolio for that. Can anyone recommend a free online service for something like that? I’d love to hear from you.

So, that’s what’s going on around here lately. It’s why posts have been so sparse… we’ve just got a lot going on. What’s new with you? 


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2 thoughts on “Crazy Days”

    1. Thanks, Ashley! I figure some of the photos on craigslist look like they were taken with a 2005 camera phone so anything’s an upgrade… ;)

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