Media Unit “Maybes”

Yesterday, I showed you what our TV setup looks like (below, left). Yikes; it truly is a cord-tastrophe. In our old place, the setup wasn’t that much better, but at least it provided some storage and allowed us to use our big honkin’ speakers (below, right)…

Here’s what happened. As we moved in last September, the desk we had been using for the TV went to the office to hold our computer, and the sofa table got plunked down “temporarily” with the TV on it, and remained that way ever since. Please tell me the same thing has happened to you…?

Since the size was right, we kept it throughout the winter months, shopped around a bit in the spring, but kept putting buying an entertainment center on the back burner. For the past few months, we have been thinking about (and finally deciding to pursue) moving, so at this point it doesn’t even make sense to buy one until we are in the new space.

So! Assuming we both quickly secure gainful employment, we should be getting a new media unit sometime before the end of this year. I’m really putting a priority on it since it’s such an important part of the living room (that, and the sofa table has been sold so we won’t have it as a crutch anymore).

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Attractiveness
  • Ability to stand the test of time
  • Eclectic appearance
  • Hidden storage
  • Height negotiable

Here’s numero uno: 

We almost bought the IKEA PS in Dallas last September when we bought our dresser, wardrobe and kitchen carts. Although we got to the store early, it wasn’t early enough and all the units they had on site had already been snatched up. I have always loved the locker look, and it would be a good counterpoint to some of our natural textiles. The price is right ($100) and we like its quirkiness and concealed storage. This is definitely still in the running.

Numero dos:

I love the look of this World Market apothecary unit. It’s got the look of an apothecary or librarian’s card catalog, without the annoyance of a bunch of tiny little drawers that aren’t all that useful. So, on the one hand it’s kind of a cop out (there are just two doors that open up with the façade of an apothecary chest) but on the other hand it’s a nod to a classic look. Not a steal at $359.99, it’s still pretty cool.

Numero tres:

I thought West Elm could do no wrong, but I was not blown away by their media unit selection. This Industrial Metal TV Cart ($399) stood out to me though, because I love the strong look of metal and glass working together in perfect harmony. My reservations are that it’s a little too high (31″) and too skinny (30″). As you can see above I lean toward the low, extended models. I am however diggin’ those wheels. This is a good option if space is at a premium and I need to find something with a smaller footprint.

Numero cuatro:

Crate & Barrel had the best selection, by far. Of all the online shops I visited, their options were most diverse, attractive, and yes, expensive. Anyway, the item you see above is actually three pieces of the “ascend” system used together ($249 + $349 + $399). This system has a ton of options and the Crate & Barrel website has lots of pictures for ideas. I love our crisp, white dresser in the bedroom so much I would love to use another crisp white piece of furniture in another space.

Bonus 1:

Wal-Mart really surprised me today. While I was there grabbing some essentials, this unit from the Better Homes and Gardens line grabbed me. The price ($179) makes it a great option for someone on a limited budget who doesn’t want to sacrifice style… but admittedly, the finishes did feel a bit cheap. Still though, for only $179 it is a good option!

Bonus 2:

Isn’t this World Market Easel unit cool? I don’t think it goes with my style, but I think it has the potential to be something really special. I’d love to see an example of this used in someone’s house… I also think it would be awesome in a learning environment!

Weigh in: which is your favorite? What do you do as far as your TV and DVD storage is concerned? 

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2 thoughts on “Media Unit “Maybes””

  1. Our TV unit was a second hand job – my Grandparents moved house about the same time that we were getting ready to move house so we adopted a unit from them. It works in our living room – I don’t think it would have been our personal choice but for free it does the job and keeps that corner tidy all the same!

    Ikea would probably be our first stop if we were going to replace it.

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