Loss Prevention

Our new apartment (a few more “in progress” shots coming soon) is on the third floor! This is great for getting rid of the extra pounds I put on over the last year, but not so good when it comes to my nerves about little Mosey squeezing out under the railing on our small balcony. If he can fit under the bed (his new trick, now that our bed is no longer on the floor), he can squeeze out under the rail. I mean, he could if he really wanted to.

Here’s a quick little project Doug took care of as soon as we moved in–while I arranged stuff in our closet and worked on some kitchen organization, he finished this up in an evening. The rails are too narrow for little Moze to squeeze out of, but the section underneath made me a little paranoid–he’s probably smart enough not to squeeze out and fall to his doom, but he might get his head stuck or something.

My dad had some extra chicken wire left over from a pigeon-prevention project he undertook at their home a number of years ago, so the cost of this project was only about four bucks for the zip ties. Doug simply cut the chicken wire into four long strips using wire cutters (included in this basic tool kit I snagged at IKEA a number of years ago) and attached the strips to the bottom of the fence using small 4-inch zip ties. It took about twenty zip ties so now we have 80 for other projects… yeah.

This simple task has helped set my mind at ease, because we love sitting out on our patio and Mosey loves watching the kids play in the pool and barking at other dogs. Not to mention, if he plays with toys out here, there’s less of a chance of them falling and getting lost.

And, unless you’re really looking for it, you can’t really see the chicken wire from a distance.

Ever taken any safety measures simply for paranoia’s sake? I don’t think that there was a real risk here but now I really won’t have to worry!!


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