November in Review

I feel like the month of November totally flew by. Truly, I feel like I was just donning my Halloween costume and stocking ceramic cauldrons at work. Now it’s officially December and Christmas approacheth!

I started out the month with my second 2-second tip about how putting even a tiny bit of effort into decorating one’s stoop will set it apart from a zillion others in a large apartment complex.

Front Door Decor

Then I went into depth about space planning, offering a few tips and a brief introduction to using an online floor planner tool to help map out a room before starting to move around heavy furniture. I felt really good about this post and got some feedback from those who put some of my recommendations to good use!

My Space Plan

We totally transformed our dining area into a purposeful-looking space by hanging  a light above the table using a large shade and a swag kit. No hard-wiring was involved at all! I can’t emphasize what a game-changer this light is. The dining area makes so much more sense now and it’s so pleasant to turn on the light for eating or other tasks, like addressing Christmas cards! (Confession: No, unfortunately we have still not fixed the extension cord issue.)

Pendant Light, After

Believe it or not, my old bedroom was featured on West Elm’s instagram and on their blog, Front & Main! This was a huge milestone for me as I’ve always dreamed of being featured by my favorite brand.

Leading up to Turkey Day, I asked my friend Amy for some tips on hosting a gluten-free Thanksgiving for those who might be new to accommodating someone with a wheat allergy. For Thanksgiving we stole away from San Diego for an enjoyable couple of days at my parents’ house. We were joined for Thanksgiving dinner by my cousin Ashley who made delicious chocolate-nutella mini stacked cakes.

I think my favorite post to write and create the graphics for in November was my dream office. Some inspiration boards are just, well, so inspiring! I like to close my eyes and imagine when a bright and cheery office like this will be a reality.

To wrap up the month I revealed that the console table behind the couch is actually a clever solution to my problem of where to hide two huge speakers and two large bar stools.

Faking a Sofa Table

And as the Christmas shopping season got into full swing, I got scheduled for more hours at work but managed to fit in a little research on vintage glass and help my mom set up a case for her pink depression glass at a local antique mall. Inspired by all the reading I did on vintage glass, I curated a little Etsy Treasury about some eye-catching pieces.

After all that review, I think my most important post this month was announcing Design Services. Make sure to check it out!

So, December is here! I am excited for shopping, holiday sweets, and of course Christmas dinner with my mom and dad. My in-laws are coming to visit, too, and work will really be picking up! I can already tell that this month is going to zoom by like November did. Among the business, however, I will be sure to keep updating with interesting content! I think I’ll more-or-less stay away from gift guides though, because my blog reader is becoming totally inundated with them at the moment. You’re welcome.

Anything specific you would like me to write about in December? 
Anything exciting happen to you in November? 
Let’s get the conversation going! 


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