Modestly Decked

I really like decorating for Christmas, in fact I was begging to put the tree up since Halloween ended, but at the same time I am not one to go all-out, over the top with seasonal decor. The halls have been decked, though, very merrily and I’m pretty sure I want to keep our Christmas tree up until April.

4-foot Christmas Tree

Of course we have the requisite Christmas tree, our third size in as many years. Maybe someday we’ll reuse one of our Christmas trees. That’s the whole point of buying faux, right?

Since our tree was much larger (6′ as opposed to 4′) last year, we have a lot of ornaments that didn’t make it up this year. However, it was not for lack of space–in fact I love a really crammed full tree, but we simply could not find our ornament hangers (and were out of paperclips, the cheater’s way to hang ornaments). So, truth be told, as soon as we ran out of hangers, we were done hanging.

Christmas Table Decorations

We may be fickle when it comes to the main tree, but every year since 2010, I have reused this cute little Christmas tree that I inherited from a friend when I moved into my first Kansas apartment. (Just thinking about how cold that winter was has got me shivering–9° the night I moved in!)  Isn’t this little tree adorable? The new candle holder is from Crate & Barrel… you will see its large counterpart on the sideboard in the next shot.

Christmas sideboard decor

Last year I bought a couple of faux boughs to decorate our fireplace mantle. I now realize that I never photographed and blogged about the mantel, which is like an unforgivable sin in home-decor blogging world. Please forgive me and know it was tasteful and rustic-elegant. This year the boughs returned, tucked into the larger Crate & Barrel leaf candle holder.

True story: up until a few months ago, we had two Christmas trees. In 2010 we bought a small 3-foot tree and then when we moved into our rental house we found an awesome 6 foot tree in the basement. Well, when we decided to move we donated the tall tree, supposing that we probably wouldn’t have room for it in the new place. We figured we would just bust out the 3-footer again. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when I pulled out the small tree to discover that one of the three plastic feet that snap into the base was missing. Long story short, we went to Target and upgraded by a foot, buying a new 4-foot prelit artificial tree. Christmas decor- wide shot

The apartment is clean, decorated, and all ready for my in-laws to come visit! They arrive tomorrow. Now, if only I could keep the dog toys corralled more more than five minutes…

PS: Check out Christmas trees of years past– 2011’s beauty and 2010’s cutie! 

PPS: If I lived in my dream world, my holiday decorations would be more along the lines of Emily Henderson’s…


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