December & January in Review

I had started out pretty well with doing month-in-review posts, last October and November, but it looks like I spaced out on December! Whoops! No time like the present to lump it in with January for an extra-special double dose roundup.


Waaaaay back in December, I posted a bit about the time Doug and I took a Szechuan cooking class at Sur La Table, and then shared a bit about Christmas decorating at home and over at the Hotel Del Coronado: Christmas decor- wide shot

Lights and skating at Coronado

Then I clued you all in on my other, part-time gig, helping authors DIY! I shared the sad fate of our natural-fiber rug, and then did a little reflection of 2012 (a recap within a recap… is this the Inception of blog posts?)


Whew! We made it to 2013! I started the year out by coveting some of the furniture in the TOO line–Blu Dot’s collaboration with Target–still crushing on those chartreuse dining chairs by the way!

I foreshadowed a little bit by sharing my bedroom, about to change, then promptly shared our newest DIY… a OSB (plywood) headboard! We are still loving the headboard and thinking of art options to hang above it.


DIY Plywood Headboard

Mid January I hit a milestone–my 500th post. Thanks again to all that commented for your encouragement! 

Inspired by repeated search engine inquiries, I made an inspiration board based on Barney Stinson’s apartment from How I Met Your Mother. I also did my fair share of popping into a bunch of places around San Diego– Balboa Park, The Mission, and Dark Horse Coffee Roasters! Consider me your virtual travel guide.

Japanese Friendship Garden

Mission French Toast

Dark Horse Coffee Roasters

And there you have it! The past two months in one blog post! Phew! I’m exhausted just reading this–hope you made it all the way down here to the end! I love doing these review posts because it really encourages me and helps keep up momentum. Thanks for reading.


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