New & Newer

So, there are two new acquisitions around this place! I’m not ready to share too much yet, but I can give you a couple sneak peeks!

Couch Sneak Peek

First is the amazing new 6-foot long light green couch snagged off of Craigslist. We were waiting and waiting (and saving our money) for a tufted couch in the $1,000 range. We were nowhere near reaching our savings goal but when this one popped up online for a quarter of that price, we dove right in and haven’t regretted it. Of course… that means that the apartment looks a little crazytown right now with two couches which create a head-scratcher when it comes to a new arrangement.

Table Sneak Peek

Second is the new (old) table that my parents brought down from their house yesterday. I had been meaning to retrieve it for a month or more; now it has arrived! I’m so excited to mix a little 1980s glam into our collection of predominantly mid-century modern furniture.

Boxes Sneak Peek

Thirdly, we sold our wardrobe on Craigslist and are planning on moving a bunch of stuff to a small storage unit on the first floor of our complex. Right now, however, it’s deja-vu as the living room is full of boxes again–much like it was move-in week. The goal is to move some larger items in plastic totes into storage. With a bunch of clutter out of sight and out of mind, I think the living and dining room will look much bigger and can be arranged much more intentionally!

I keep chanting “the middle makes no sense.” That post from Young House Love is my mantra right now as we have two couches pointing different directions and boxes seem to have sprung up from nowhere. The good news is that the new couch is totally comfy and despite the boxes, the room looks more spacious sans dark brown wardrobe. Can’t wait to rearrange… again!


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3 thoughts on “New & Newer”

  1. I’m still waiting on the big reveal! I’d really like to see how you’ve started to reorganize (already!) the new place. I’m definitely interested in what you did with the two sofas, because that’s tricky in a small apartment.

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