My Little Garden!

The world has gone crazy for succulent gardens and I’m now on the train! I’m so excited to share my little garden today!

succulent garden

First a little shout-out to the market where I got these little cuties for $1 each–the newly opened El Cajon Farmer’s Market! My friend has worked tirelessly to get the market up and running and yesterday was its grand opening! It was a little far for Doug and I to drive, considering we have great farmer’s markets closer to where we live, but we went to check it out to support our friend. We arrived with only $6 but it went a long way! Bought the three succulent cuties you’re about to see, a big bunch of carrots, and some red chard that made a really, really delicious salad after we got home. For those in the area, the market will be open every Thursday afternoon/evening.

Now to the garden!

How I made my succulent gardenSupplies needed:

  • Planting vessel (passed down from a family member)
  • Larger rocks/pebbles (leftover from wedding centerpieces)
  • Potting soil (“borrowed” from a planting bed downstairs)
  • Succulents ($1 each at the farmer’s market)
  • Water
  • [Total cost: $3!]

Planting it was easy peasy and I got to make a little mess in the kitchen.

  1. First I put the larger rocks or pebbles into the bottom. My layer was between 1 and 2 inches thick–this allows some space for water drainage–especially important when the pot doesn’t have a hole in the bottom, like mine.
  2. Then I took the plants out of their plastic planters (tip: squeezing the sides a few times makes it easier to pull them out). I broke up/loosened the root ball a bit and placed them into the vessel.
  3. I then took the potting soil and filled it into the gaps.
  4. I watered lightly but didn’t want to pour too much in since the pot has no drainage hole in the bottom. I’ll be checking out other blogs for tips on keeping these suckers (haha) alive as long as I can!

succulent garden

succulent garden

succulent garden

succulent garden

Ta-da! I’m so excited about my new family member!

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6 thoughts on “My Little Garden!”

  1. My favorite is the prickly little dude.
    I’m so jealous of your farmers markets in California! I’m going to try my hand at gardening in planters (since I rent) this summer to tide me over between trips to our local FM, once it finally gets going. It’s still snowing in Kansas!

    1. Brr! Enjoy the snow, I suppose! Endless cups of hot chocolate and coffee! I have great faith in your gardening abilities.
      Perhaps you could attach some to the rail on your stair landing? Right now I’m learning more about growing plants indoors, as you can tell.

  2. This is downright adorable! I was wondering how much you plan on watering it? I have heard mixed things. Some people say to water a little every day and then I heard that it should be watered every other week!

    1. Well, currently, the soil has stayed damp for too long, I think, and now has a little mold on it. I live in a pretty humid area (less than two miles from the coast) which might have something to do with it.
      I would start with once a week and increase as needed :)

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