Slow Down

Last week was this crazy, dissonant mixture of fast and slow. With my main blogging machine out of commission, it forced me to unplug, more or less, and focus on life around me. I had a light work schedule so I took the opportunity to piggyback on my sister’s spring break!

Remember Spring Break? Don’t you wish you were back in college? 

Anyway, I spent Monday and Tuesday up in my hometown of Temecula making major strides towards wedding preparedness with my sis and my mom. Then, Steph came down to San Diego to hang out and unwind a bit. Then, it was back to Temecula on Thursday to celebrate an early Easter and my dad’s birthday, then it was back to SD for two good work days. Being on the freeway that much (two round trips, an hour each direction) can make any week seem harried, I think.

This week, back to reality.  I know I’m going to want to blog so I’m going to have to call around and get some quotes for a mac repair. For now, though I have my laptop and iPhone, and I shall press onward using what I’ve got!

CD Changer

Saturday, as I loaded my CD player’s five-disc changer, I remember feeling like that was a task that took forever! Then I snapped myself out of it. Ejecting 5 CDs and inserting 5 new ones must have taken two minutes– 120 seconds– tops. If I’m so rushed and harried that that seems like forever, I need to stop and smell the roses! I am surrounded by instant. I can listen to almost anything I want to on Spotify instantly. Our three-year streak sans microwave has ended since the apartment came with one installed. My iPhone can instantly Google any trivia tidbit that I need to know, anytime, anywhere.

What do I lose with each of these instances of instant gratification? Sound fidelity (I mean really. Nobody should listen to music on laptop speakers, ever). Nutrients (I still try not to microwave things, if I can help it). The pursuit of wondering and learning organically.

Siri, can you get me a couple synonyms for “slow down?”


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