Favorite Things: June 2013

Weekends are when I log most of my hours at work and it leaves little time for blogging, so I’m just popping in with a quick fun little post today. It’s Monday, right? Who wants to read anything too long anyway? Here’s a few things I’m super into at the moment.

june favorites

Store Front: The disappearing face of New York — Doug and I have been reading this book together and it’s both sad and beautiful. “Reading together” is a relative term with us… he reads while I’m at work and I read while he’s in bed (I stay up way later than he does). But! We have a good time discussing the interesting stories of storefronts who have been forced to close due to New York City real estate prices, or those who are still making do. It really is heartbreaking the way “old New York” disappears one shopfront at a time and will soon be made up of chains, deluxe boutiques, and shady tourist shops selling bootleg soccer jerseys and Empire State building keychains.

Cronuts — These are one of my favorite things in the way that Zac Efron was one of my favorite things a few years ago: Mostly I’m obsessed/intrigued with the hype around them. I was never obsessed with Zac Efron, just with the fanaticism surrounding him, and I think I feel the same way about Cronuts. Of course… if I ever got the chance to taste one maybe I would actually become obsessed with the pastry. Does that make sense? (For the adventurous types, you can try making your own croissant-donuts at home using this recipe— thanks Libby!)

Dark Horse Coffee — Is it lame to include one of your own instagrams on your “favorite things” post? I don’t know what the Emily Post of blogging has to say about something like this. If it’s wrong, I don’t want to be right because this coffee is the. best. We were out of all forms of coffee last week (the bank account was all dried up until payday) and I definitely noticed an effect on my demeanor and my interactions with others. Whoops!

What makes your “June favorites” shortlist? Share in the comments, I want to hear!


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4 thoughts on “Favorite Things: June 2013”

  1. Cronuts?? Never heard of those! It’s kind of like the hype surrounding macaroons. Super trendy, but I’ve never had one! Is the Dark Horse good brewed in your stove top espresso maker?

    Lately in June I’ve been very randomly into RVs. It would be awesome to travel the country in a little living space on wheels!

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