March, April, and May in Review?

Happy July! Are you sick of hearing about Google Reader-ocalypse from all the other blogs in your bookmarks? I am! If you’re reading this… you and your relationship with this little old blog survived!

Oh my, my. Seems like the nice little routine I had gotten into as far as month in review posts has… well, lapsed, to put it mildly. I went ahead and plucked my two favorite posts from each of the missed months, just to catch up (for funsies). Maybe you’ll see a post you missed!


succulent garden

March marked our sixth month of living in San Diego! And it’s three months gone by, already! Wow, March seems so long ago! My Succulent Garden was a highlight, and I still smile when I look at it… Comparing it with these photos from three months ago, I think it’s growing! It has moved to the patio and seems to be thriving better out there. So much for my attempt at indoor gardening…

Wall Hangings

Another fun little post I shared in March was a DIY my mom helped me with in 2007…! two canvases which found their way back to me and now add some subtle color and pattern to the apartment.


Happy Mosey Day!

In April I had the privilege of reflecting on Two Years with Mosey, the little sweetheart he is. My favorite time of day is in the morning (on days when I don’t have to head to work early) when he and I cuddle on the bed since we have nowhere to be. When he uses my leg as a pillow, it’s just the sweetest thing.

Ice Cream

The weather really started to kick into high gear right around April. We celebrated the early arrival of summer by visiting our favorite local hippie-owned ice cream place, Mariposa. My mouth is watering thinking about that Mexican hot chocolate ice cream!


I had a really hard time choosing the two best posts in May, because I really liked a lot of stuff I posted about in May! Does that sound cocky? I hope it doesn’t, but the more I try to focus on creating quality posts, instead of just typing out some nonsense, the better the posts are! Who’da thunk… better effort creates better content.

Money Lei Process

Anyway, my post selections for May are the DIY Money Lei I made for my sister’s college graduation, and the guest post I asked my friend Libby to write for me about prescription sunglasses.

Warby Parker Sunglasses

After work yesterday, I reached in my purse to pull out my new sunnies and my heart skipped a beat–they were gone! I’m so paranoid about losing them somewhere! Luckily they were at home on my kitchen table. Phew! I’m going to be much more diligent about remembering when I’ve left them at home.

Since June just finished up, I’ll lump it in with July– a month from now. 

Time really flies, doesn’t it?? What have you been up to?


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