My Makeup Routine

My Makeup Bag

Since I’m scurrying around like a crazy person today trying to tie up loose ends for Stephanie’s bachelorette party tonight, I thought I’d write a post ahead of time that also seemed wedding-relevant.

Here’s a DIY detail I did for my own wedding… my own makeup. And I didn’t buy anything special, or anything expensive. I literally did the same makeup I do day in and day out, except perhaps a little embellished, and I added lipstick. Especially for an informal outdoor wedding, why try to do something out of the ordinary?

I’ll do my own makeup for Stephanie’s wedding this Friday, and there is no shame in my game! Nobody knows my skin like I do.

[wedding photo]

As a blogger and therefore a member of the community who chooses to share the most minute details of our lives, I present to you the contents of my makeup bag:

Inside my makeup bag

And my routine:

  • I start my routine by applying the (very expensive and prestigious) Clean and Clear morning burst moisturizer. I give it a minute or so to soak in… once my face feels a little dryer I apply my Bobbi Brown bb cream. The whole point of bb cream is that you’re supposedly able to skip moisturizer, but my experience didn’t work out that way. If I skipped moisturizer the bb cream seemed to cling to my pores and result in a weird texture.
  • After my bb cream sets (it goes on like a mix between foundation and sunscreen, which it is) and feels powdery, I add blush (MAC, pinch of peach) and bronzer. The bronzer helps me not look like the walking dead.
  • I always fill in my eyebrows with that little maybelline powder up there, using the white brush. You wouldn’t think it, but it makes a huge difference in looking polished. As for my eyes, I normally use the powder above (Mica Bella, kind of like Bare Minerals) which is a light yellow-silver that instantly brightens without looking overdone. Sometimes for the evening I use brown (MAC’s corduroy) or purple (Kohl’s Glamourazzi).
  • I don’t usually use lipstick but when I do, the above Rimmel products make it happen. I create an outline on the edge of my lips, then fill it in with the pencil. After that I apply the lipstick lightly.
  • The nail polish is just included for good measure. Essie’s braziliant is my all-time favorite for its punchy coral-orange with a pearlized sheen.

What about you? Did you do your own makeup or hire a pro? Do you buy new makeup products all the time or stick to tried-and-true favorites? 


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2 thoughts on “My Makeup Routine”

  1. I like this. I feel like if there’s any day that you want to look like and feel like yourself, it’s your wedding day, right?? So many times, I’ll be aimlessly browsing wedding photos of people that I only vaguely know on Facebook (you know you do it, too) and the bride will look like she just stepped out of a Glamour Shots salon. It’s not great.

    I feel like I’m super behind in the makeup game. I’ve only recently discovered the wonders of blush. I might have to bust out the big bucks and spend more than $8.00 on my BB cream. I keep hearing awesome things about the Bobbi Brown stuff.

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