Pining for Pine

If  you were to ask me a couple of years ago what popped into my head when I heard “PINE,” I would have described something like this:

Rustic Pine Bed

Yikes. Fitting for a mountain hideaway cabin, but in my home? No thank you.

When Doug and I decided to renew our lease we sat down and went through the past two IKEA catalogues to see what styles stood out to us… What were we drawn to? If we’re going to stay ten more months, let’s put some purpose into our home, right?

This room spoke to me, but I am realistic enough to know that our home will never look like this:

Pine and White Inspiration, IKEA

(IKEA catalogue)

In fact, all the pictures he pointed out included natural wood, most often pine. So I hopped on the pine train and started thinking about ways to incorporate it into our home. To be honest, using the same wood in all the different rooms is a great way to unify the whole living space together. We came up with three ways to include pine in our home, which I’ll post more about next week, when I have the place cleaned up and ready for photos. Today, I’ve got a birthday party to put together.

How about some more pine inspiration?

Large IKEA Pine Collage

(IKEA… all IKEA.) 

What design element are you drawn to these days? 


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2 thoughts on “Pining for Pine”

  1. Since Ryan’s moved in and likes his environment moody, I’ve been really drawn towards dark woods. When I think about new things to add to our home, I find myself perusing the dark stained bookshelves rather than the bright, quirky, painted furniture that I normally acquire from thrift shops.

    1. I bet that dark wood accents look really nice with your mid-toned wood floors and light walls. I have no doubt that all your quirky artwork and textiles will keep the place from looking heavy :) Can’t wait to see more instagrams as things develop!

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