Some Thoughts on DVD Storage

Months and months ago, Libby asked me for some tips on inexpensive and attractive ways to store DVDs and I came up with exactly zero ideas.

At first thought, it would seem that with Netflix and Redbox the age of buying DVDs is over. Shout it from the rooftops! Movies on your computer! …That is, until you get the very strong hankering to watch a particular movie that can’t be found anywhere (I’m looking at you, “The Parent Trap”). Yes, there is still benefit to owning DVDs. I appreciate that unlike books, the cases are all a uniform size, but on the other hand,the spines are not particularly attractive as decor items. They’re rigid, shiny, and often garish.

Right after we got married, Doug and I took our duplicates (of which there were many–hurrah for similar taste in entertainment) to Hastings and sold them for store credit. Then, last year before moving we took a critical look at our collection and weeded out even more DVDs. We sold them, and got enough store credit to buy four brand new vinyl albums!  I say this to emphasize the fact that while our collection isn’t particularly small, it has been weeded through–twice! So, here we are. With a DVD collection that spans almost nine feet.

Completed Pine Shelving

The DVDs take up 2/3 of the second shelf and a good 1/3 of the bottom shelf. 

The nice thing about our newly installed shelves is that the DVDs line up in an orderly fashion and don’t look particularly heinous. When we get a media unit with closed doors, I know I will move a large chunk of them into concealed storage, though. Books just look so much nicer on display, don’t you think?

Protip: One good way to distract from the DVD overload is to prop small picture frames up in front of them every so often. It helps add a layered look.

Other DVD storage options are using totes, using under-bed storage boxes (if your couch is high enough off the floor), making a custom drawer movie storage system: Check out this Making it Lovely post for an A+ example… or, if you feel comfortable ditching the plastic cases, using binders, which is a good way to consolidate a very large collection.

If you have any tips, I would love to hear them!! I feel that this is a problem that plagues lots of people who, like me, appreciate a good looking space but also love their movies. Let’s get a conversation going… ’cause I could use all the ideas you have. 


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4 thoughts on “Some Thoughts on DVD Storage”

  1. Our DVD storage is concealed, mostly because I already require so many shelves for my (very, very, very much weeded out) books. The wardrobe from IKEA with the mirror doors (the one Freya loves so much) actually contains all our DVDs, video games, and two plastic storage shelving units from Target! This is where some of our odds and ends go like batteries, stationary, flashlights, etc.The wardrobe had the hanging poles for clothes, and while we could have gone out and bought shelves for it (since they do exist!), we figured we’d rather get the hanging clothes shelves instead. They needed a firm surface put in on each soft shelf, but in the end, it made it very easy to use as a DVD storage without making it impossible to use again as a wardrobe down the line, and we can keep the plastic storage units in there as they are, since the hanging shelves come to just 3-4 inches above the tops.

    This is NOT the kind of thing that you would necessarily go out and buy for the purpose of DVD storage. But, it may be a good example of looking at what you have a little differently (something that your examples and others have taught me to do!). Just because it’s called a wardrobe doesn’t mean it has to BE a wardrobe. ;D

    1. Yes! Great perspective. We had to do away with our wardrobe but I love the idea of using those hanging shoe holders as a kind of temporary shelving solution, and then if you move somewhere later with small closets you can revert to the wardrobe’s original purpose!

  2. I’ve moved enough to realize those damn DVDs take up SO MUCH SPACE when you’re trying to pack! A while ago I bought one of those CD binders that’s almost like a photo album but for DVDs. I’ve never looked back! Best decision I ever made. I have an expansive DVD collection and one binder holds them all. Plus, it’s super easy to flip through and find a movie. The whole binder fits in the drawer of our TV stand. I finally convinced my husband to get one of those cute storage boxes for his DVDs. We recycled all the cases and I’m glad we did!

    1. Bravo for your storage solution! I’m not at that point yet–to get rid of all the cases. Don’t know why–they’re not very pretty are they!

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