Prettiest Baking Cookbooks

As much time as I spend in the kitchen, baking is not my strong point. When I have people over, I take care of the appetizers, salads, dinner, etc. but leave dessert as my default answer to the question, “Is there anything I can bring?” (If nobody asks, I usually have some ice cream tucked in the freezer for a backup).

These cookbooks almost make me want to turn into a baker. Almost. Is it weird to want to hoard cookbooks to flip through like picture books? That is, instead of ever making anything from one of them?

Prettiest Cookbooks

1. Williams-Sonoma Dessert of the Day Cookbook
2. Bouchon Bakery
3. The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Dessert Cookbook
4. The Four and Twenty Blackbirds Pie Book

Any recommendations? Do you think the main reason I’m drawn to these cookbooks are the pies on the cover? Yeah, me too…


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2 thoughts on “Prettiest Baking Cookbooks”

  1. Same here! Same here! I want ALL of the cookbooks (particularly that Four & Twenty Blackbirds book). I rarely follow recipes (but I’d like to start) but I’m mostly just floored by the gorgeous photography. It’s inspiring and, unlike collecting catalogs or magazines (which I also do), if you want something in the cookbook, you can just make it in your kitchen that day. Which is pretty great.

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