Life, Lately

Happy St Paddy’s Day, everyone! This post has nothing do to with today’s pseudo holiday but I figured I would at least mention it. Hope you all find a pot of gold or a four-leaf clover somewhere today! Has it been a month since my last post? I’m so sorry, you guys! I have a lot of things swirling around in my head but no time to put pen to paper fingers to keyboard and squeak out a blog post for you all.

I got a new gig–it’s an honest-to-goodness desk job, Monday through Friday, PTO, the works. I’ve worked two weeks and I really like my coworkers and my office. The super old building is covered inside with pressed tin: the walls and the ceiling, and the bathroom too! I steal moments to gaze up at it, I’m sure my coworkers think I’m bonkers.

photo 1

I haven’t quite left the old gig yet which lends to my blog silence. Playing the balancing act has been doable the past two weeks but I sure am tired. The extra money will help out since…

We’re really getting serious about buying a house. Well, a condo. It is so scary to type out for the world to read! It’s one thing to think about it, tour places, stash away money, draw out budgets and dream about decorating the inside, but it’s another thing to make the announcement to people knowing that home-buying has been a rocky road for many in the past five years.

I have some good posts outlined in my head but I haven’t been able to write and photograph for them. I do want to make it a priority though especially with the prospect of a new home. I hope you keep me accountable! When someone says to me “I hope to see a post from you soon,” or “I’ve started following you,” it’s just the right nudge I need to sit down and create!

Paris shirt

Thanks, guys. I’ll be back later this week!


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