Bathroom, Sneak Peek

I said when I returned the bathroom would have painted walls, and here I am, true to my word!

Painting such a dark color over white took three coats. For those of you who missed the inspiration board, I used Arboretum by Behr in eggshell. It was very quick since it was a small space, and the transformation is totally worth it.

Bathroom, Painted

Although the color is super saturated, due to the white cabinet, toilet, and shower curtain, plus the ivory countertop and shower surround, the room does not feel dark. I am so pleased with the transformation, especially considering how quick it was to make a big difference. Someday I would love to change out the vanity/cabinet, and replace the light fixture. For now, I feel that the dramatic color elevates the existing pieces. It looks even better in person. I really ought to figure out how to manually white-balance my camera. Any tips?

Bathroom, Painted

Can’t wait to return with true “after” photos! I have some finishing touches to add (many of them are finished, but I’m waiting for an art print to come in the mail) and I’ll be ready to show ya!


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3 thoughts on “Bathroom, Sneak Peek”

  1. I love it! It’s so satisfying to get the smallest room taken care of right away. I feel like it provides a good amount of motivation to get the ball rolling on bigger projects. I can’t wait to see what you end up with, here. :)

  2. Your white balance appears correct — the white lights are white as are the cabinet, toilet, TP, towel stripes, and shower curtain. You need to adjust your exposure. Note how the wall with the towel ring reflected in the mirror (first shot) shows the correct color, because it has the bright light directly on it (and also some reflected on it by the mirror), while the wall above the toilet does not receive direct light or reflections and is very dark. The bright lights in the shots are reducing your exposure time and darkening your already dark walls. You should either use a flash or indirect light (overhead lights not in the frame) here. A flash usually overrides the auto exposure while fully illuminating the space and the indirect light won’t reduce your exposure as drastically as the direct bath lights in frame do. Some cameras offer a setting that automatically adjusts the exposure over a range, taking 3-7 photos automatically on one press of the shutter, each with a different exposure. That could also help you find the correct settings, especially if used with indirect light. Good luck on your makeover!

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