Thrift Score Thursday!

Okay, I finally know the secret to thrifting in Southern California. Get outta town! Seriously though, going to smaller suburban locales produces many more treasures than hitting the same old picked-over nearby places. I found some really cool stuff for my Etsy shop and some other cool stuff for my permanent collection.

Milk Glass Teacup

Check out these precious mugs and saucers I scored! I don’t know how old they are but I haven’t been able to identify them anywhere. The general shape makes me think that maybe they are older than you’d think– more teacup shaped than mug shaped, and very similar to the pink teacups in my mom’s depression glass collection. The disappointing part was that someone at Salvation Army had written on the bottom of them with a sharpie, “set of 10.” Despite their best efforts three pieces had been separated and I snagged three teacups and four saucers for a discount since it was an odd number. I did get the sharpie off using goo gone, and then later, rubbing alcohol. Definitely keeping these!

Jadeite Bowl

This item I’m on the fence about keeping. I loooove the look of jadeite but this is my first piece, since it’s so rare to find any in thrift stores (gets snatched up too fast!). Should I list it so that someone with an extensive collection can add it to their goods? Or should I begin a jadeite collection of my own? What does a person need with a single cafeteria-sized cereal bowl?

Every Thursday I have had so much fun checking out various bloggers’ scores (or photos of the items that got away). One of the ring leaders is Brynne who I recently started following on twitter. Check out her #thriftscorethursday posts here— 33 weeks running!


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5 thoughts on “Thrift Score Thursday!”

  1. The real secret to thrift shopping, according to a friend who is a master of it is: go early, go often, go quickly. She says that must of the time she hits up three to four places every day (with her toddler in tow) all before they’ve been open two hours. She finds the craziest deals.

    I love the little cups though! I have a few antique teacups from the 1930s and 1950s. My grandmother collected a few back in the day when it was just known as “having fine china” but her cousin was the one who really really collected them. I think her collection was once valued at $8,000? Something insanely large like that. They’re really beautiful though. It’d be awesome if you found more!

    PS- I’d use the bowl declaratively if it were mine. For something like change or keys or even potpourri. I think it’s pretty enough to just be seen on its own. :-)

  2. Love those mugs– you should keep the jadeite plate. I just started my collection, I figure it will take years for me to get it the way I want it but isn’t that part of the fun? Have you seen Martha Stewart’s jadeite kitchen? Makes me jealous!

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